There are a tremendous number of free utilies out there that enable a hack like me to develop a web page like this on my couch. Because they are good at what they do and put their hard work out there SWAFT exists. All the software and utilities used to create SWAFT are free and open source.
The backend is written in Python with SQLAlchemy and SQLite providing the database. The Pyramid web framework holds it all together.
The front end is written in jQuery with help from Hint.css a great little tooltip library. The Mako template library is also used throughout. The fonts used are from Google Fonts which is a tremendous resource for free web fonts.
pythonanywhere provide web hosting and Bitbucket holds our code.
SWAFT has been developed mostly in Vim on a PC running Bodhi Linux. Although special mention has to also go to Debian Linux. Any graphics work is done with Gimp.
Lastly I should thank Fantasy Flight Games who are yet to issue a cease and desist and did a great job making Star Wars Armada.